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The reason that you are reading this is probably that you are investigating alternatives to gyms. Don’t get us wrong!
We think gyms are great!
But it is a fact that fitness clubs have considerably more inactive members than members who work out regularly.
And contrary to what most people think, it is not because inactive members are lazy or have lost interest in doing something good for their body.
But to go to the gym, you still have to pack your bag, get to the gym, change into your training gear and after you are done, do everything again in reverse order.
You probably have at least 1 hour of wasted time for each hour you spend working out.
And apart from the wasted time, it can be hard to plan several hours into your busy schedule.

Exercise where ever you are

What we offer you is flexibility!
No matter where you are and how little time you have, you can start exercising within seconds.
A click with your mouse or a tap on your phone or tablet, and you are ready to roll.
We will tell you and show you exactly what to do to get the most out of your precious workout time.
Are you in a hotel room with ten minutes free? Hey, no problem. A couple of taps on your phone and you will find the program that suits you best.
Or you are at home with an hour to spare. Grab your tablet or place yourself where you can see the computer monitor.
And when you unlock an exercise program it will immediately be available on all devices.
And don’t worry about keeping statistics. Just log on to our web site and you will see what you have done, and when.


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