Wat kunnen we voor je doen?

Our users have two things in common.


They want to exercise and they know the benefits of keeping their body in shape.
And they don’t like gyms or simply do not have the time. We offer high quality workouts put together by professionals!
What we do not offer is to waste your time on packing, driving to the gym and changing in sweaty changing rooms.
We do not offer lines at the machines and wasted time when you change again and drive home.

With our web site or our apps you are free to work out as much as you like, whenever you like. In your living room, in a hotel room or while jogging on the beach.
We offer YOU the freedom to decide!

We have used all our experience from more than 35 years to build a database of the most efficient workouts and exercises you can get.
Our commitment to your results and your wellbeing is total.

The only thing we cannot help you with is to kick you off the couch and get you moving. So plan at least 10 minutes or more per day.

You have them and you know it!


We want to be the best!

Seriously, we want to be the number one website worldwide for providing you with online and mobile fitness programs.
While you read this, our programmers are working on developing more efficient ways to help you achieve your goals.

Sure, we want to make money. We are not investing all our time and energy just because we are bored. But we strongly believe that our revenue will only come if YOU are satisfied, so our commitment to you is that we will always focus 100% on you and how our product can help you! And we hope that you will reward us by buying our products if you are satisfied.